Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puzzle 4 - Go, Vehicroid!

Main Phase I.
  • - Summon [Cyber-Tech Alligator] in attack mode, tributes the [Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon].
  • - Activate [Limiter Removal].
  • - Set [Wonder Garage], then activate [Heavy Storm]. Now choose yes to activate the effect of [Wonder Garage]. Choose [Gyroid] in attack position.

Enter Battle Phase
  • - Attack [White Magical Hat] with [Gyroid].
  • - Direct attack with [Cyber-Tech Alligator].

Main Phase II.
  • - Activate [Thunder Crash] and you will finish the yugi puzzle.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puzzle 3 - Perfect Defense

Main Phase 1
  • Activate [Creature Swap] in your hand to switch [Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke] with [Marshmallon].
  • Summon [Granmarg the Rock Monarch], sacrifise [Marshmallon] as tribute. Then use Granmarg's special ability to destroy one of opponent's [Marshmallon]. Choose no for the question.
  • Activate [The Spell Absorbing Life]. You will get 2000 Life Points addition.
  • Activate [Falling Down] and target one of the [Spirit Reaper].
  • Activate [Enemy Controller], choose the first effect .
  • Use [Snatch Steal] to get control of opponent's [Marshmallon] and [Owner's Seal] to bring back [Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke], change both position into attack stance.
Enter Battle Phase
  • Attack with all your monster. The yugi puzzle was solved.

Puzzles 2 - Fight On!

Main Phase 1
  • Summon the handsome [Mystic Tomato] to the field in attack mode. 
  • Activate effect of [Book of Moon] and target [Armored Zombie] then activate [Book of Taiyou] and target the same [Armored Zombie]. 

 Enter Battle Phase.
  • Attack [Alpha the Magnet Warrior] with [Mystic Tomato]. Choose no twice then when either card is destroyed, choose yes to special Summon [Mataza the Zapper] to the field. 
  • Activate [Rush Recklessly] and choose [Mataza the Zapper]. 
  • Attack twice with [Mataza the Zapper]. End the yugi puzzle.

Puzzle 1 - Underdog Power!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller Advanced Duel Puzzles

Main Phase 1
  •  Summon [Mushroom Man]
  •  Activate [Order To Smash] with sacrificing the Mushroom Man, choose opponent's [Toll] and [Curse of Darkness] to destroy both of it.
  •  Activate [Backup Soldier] and choose [Basic Insect], [Mushroom Man] and [Clown Zombie] to bring them to your hand.
  •  Activate [Samsara] in the field
  •  Activate [Fortress Whale's Oath] in your hand then sacrifice all other monster cards in your hand (4 Cards). Choose to summon [Fortress Whale] in attack mode.
  •  Activate [Enchanted Fitting Room] , choose all special summon monster in attack mode.
  •  Activate the [Thousand Energy].

Battle Phase

  • Use [Clown Zombie] and [Fortress Whale] to destroy all opponent's [Dark Necrofear].
  • Finish the game with remaining monster.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Puzzle 1 - Your Challenge 2

- Summon Sword Arm of Dragon , use Hydrogeddon
as the tribute.
- Choose yes to activate Ultimate Offering
effect, then summon [Megazowler]  with sacrifising [Sword Arm of Dragon].
- Choose no, then activate [Tribute To The Doomed] in your hand and discard [Oxygeddon].
- Destroy your [Megazowler] and activate [Miracle Jurrasic Egg] effect.
- Special Summon [Super Conductor Tyranno] in attack stance. Choose no to answer the pop up question.

Battle Phase
- Attack either [Kanan the Swordmistress] to end the yugi puzzle.