Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puzzle 1 - Underdog Power!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller Advanced Duel Puzzles

Main Phase 1
  •  Summon [Mushroom Man]
  •  Activate [Order To Smash] with sacrificing the Mushroom Man, choose opponent's [Toll] and [Curse of Darkness] to destroy both of it.
  •  Activate [Backup Soldier] and choose [Basic Insect], [Mushroom Man] and [Clown Zombie] to bring them to your hand.
  •  Activate [Samsara] in the field
  •  Activate [Fortress Whale's Oath] in your hand then sacrifice all other monster cards in your hand (4 Cards). Choose to summon [Fortress Whale] in attack mode.
  •  Activate [Enchanted Fitting Room] , choose all special summon monster in attack mode.
  •  Activate the [Thousand Energy].

Battle Phase

  • Use [Clown Zombie] and [Fortress Whale] to destroy all opponent's [Dark Necrofear].
  • Finish the game with remaining monster.

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