Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puzzle 3 - Perfect Defense

Main Phase 1
  • Activate [Creature Swap] in your hand to switch [Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke] with [Marshmallon].
  • Summon [Granmarg the Rock Monarch], sacrifise [Marshmallon] as tribute. Then use Granmarg's special ability to destroy one of opponent's [Marshmallon]. Choose no for the question.
  • Activate [The Spell Absorbing Life]. You will get 2000 Life Points addition.
  • Activate [Falling Down] and target one of the [Spirit Reaper].
  • Activate [Enemy Controller], choose the first effect .
  • Use [Snatch Steal] to get control of opponent's [Marshmallon] and [Owner's Seal] to bring back [Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke], change both position into attack stance.
Enter Battle Phase
  • Attack with all your monster. The yugi puzzle was solved.

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